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.Wednesday, January 11, 2012 ' 3:49 PM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Wow. It's been a long long long time since i posted anything here. This blog was dead for a while. In like, some kind of coma? HahasXDD

Well, i'm currently missing my babyy boy, Thomas Zheng Zhao Fu. Hope he's doing okayy at work now. OK. That's about all. It's such a boring dayyy.

I'm meeting my mum for dinner later, at my work place, Crystal Jade blah blah blah, don't know the full name.

I got my O level lousy results of 22 points for poly. Totally shit points. But i was expecting like almost 30 points, but i got 22. Happy enough that i can go to poly :)

Okayyyy. That's all!!


.Tuesday, June 22, 2010 ' 9:37 AM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Soo, the trip was awesome. But there were like some complications. But never mind. HahaXD The weather was like so cold but I soon got used to it.Then, when I came back to Singapore, the weather like so hott!~ Can't stand it! Haha:D

.Tuesday, June 15, 2010 ' 12:51 AM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

On the bus now. Going for lunch. Lunch is fish 'n' chips. Just now, we went to the supermarket nearby and i bought $12 worth of souvenirs.

.Monday, June 14, 2010 ' 4:38 PM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

First day in Australia. I didn't sleep. It's like way pass my sleeping time. And besides, we're like gonna wake up at 3a.m., Singapore time... So there's not much time to sleep. siannn-.-

.Wednesday, March 17, 2010 ' 2:30 PM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

I went to Vivo today. Even though it's not for very long, it was fun to an extent:D 2a2 '09 ROCKS!!:D Reached home almost 10 alredi. Choir frm 1-5pm thn we gonna reach thr very late so Julian paid the taxi fare for Wilson, Andrew and me. haha. and when we reached Vivo, I keep hearing "the choir people", which is referring to the 4 of us. So funny but whoever made that up is so cute. Haha.

.Saturday, February 27, 2010 ' 8:01 AM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

A Maths sucks!! So difficult one lehr. Isit me or isit reli difficult?

.Wednesday, February 24, 2010 ' 12:50 PM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

homework...homework...homework....everyday do homework. wahhh!!!! stress like shit :(( but anw i gt no choice so gotta do. haissssssssssss.......................

.Sunday, January 17, 2010 ' 8:57 AM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

I was at my aunt's hse for house warming when i kicked the platform that the fridge was on. My little toe's skin came off and maybe some flesh too. Then bleed like crazy. So I might be wearing slippers to school until it heals.

.Saturday, January 2, 2010 ' 9:54 AM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Happy New Year!! I wanna change for the better. Alot of pple say i was a bitch in 2009. So i wanna change. LOL:D So let that be one of my new year resolutions. Can one have more than one new year resolution?Hmmm...

.Tuesday, December 15, 2009 ' 2:57 PM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

i went to east coast with Leandra and my mother to cycle today. we went in the afternoon... arnd 11. thn we ate mcdonald's thn we go rent bike at 12.55pm until 3pm.we cycled frm east coast until changi. it took us like 1hr to reach changi. thn we turn back...another hour. i'm red like lobster. LOL:D

.Sunday, December 13, 2009 ' 4:09 AM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

hmmm... i went to class chalet but i din stay over. demi, chuhui, suyi, yiting and me went to escape on the first day which is on friday(04/12/2009).
second day chuhui din come. so onli four of us went to escape(again). we went to sit the pirate ship. we wanted the ending part of the ship marh. but in front of us got a grp of china people who cut our queue. they wanna let us go first but we said nvm. thn whn we realised that we might not get the end of the ship, we told them we wanna go first because we got smth on later. hahas:))

.Wednesday, November 25, 2009 ' 11:51 AM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

I'm going to the Hello Kitty Fair at Singapore Expo with my Mum and older brother tomorrow at 5.30pm.... One ticket for $35 but my Mum bought two tickets for $5 each and one more full ticket(which means $35 ticket). After that we might be going to Sakae Sushi which is why my brother wanted to go in the first place or else why would a BOY wanna go to a Hello Kitty Fair?? Hmmm......I wonder if photos can be taken...

. ' 11:44 AM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

I'm going to Malaysia on Thursday. Taking a coach there... Sian...


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